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This week, we will continue using 'The National Oak Academy' website for our maths work. There is a link each day to click on, which will take you to the lesson. There is a little quiz at the start of each lesson, then a video. You can pause the video or watch it again before you try the main activities/worksheets. There is a quiz at the end of each lesson too. I have added an extra challenge at the bottom of this page if you are looking for something else! This could be completed on a certain day or spread out across the week. 


L.O.: To identify shapes by the number of sides and vertices



L.O.: To identify right angles in shapes



L.O.: To recognise lines of symmetry within 2D shapes



L.O.: To name and describe 3D shapes



L.O.: To describe and create shape patterns


Can you solve the clues and reveal who carried out the crime?