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We are continuing with multiplication and division this week but really focussing on place value and developing a good understanding of this. Remember to write the short date and L.O. before you start each video lesson and traffic light your work afterwards, like we do at school. Here are some tasks for your daily starters:

  • Have a look at your 8 times table - there are website games to practise this.
  • Practise doubling and halving 2 digit numbers and see how quickly you can answer the question. For example, double 22 = 44, double 15 = 30, half of 84 = 42 etc. Move on to 3 digits if you are able. 
  • Choose a selection of 3 digit numbers and identify whether they are even or odd.
  • Count forwards and backwards in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 10s from different starting points.
  • Keep practising reading analogue time to the nearest minute - see if you can tell someone at home the time after each lesson.