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Work out your column addition calculations and check your answers using the answer sheet provided.  Please watch the video before you begin working so that you can see how to complete column addition problems. 

Column addition (with exchanging) | Addition and subtraction | Year 3 Maths


Use any strategy you would like to solve addition and subtraction word problems today.  You may choose to use mental maths, draw a number line, draw pictures of base-10 resources, count up to the next ten, or write your calculation in columns.

Remember to read the information provided carefully and use a label with your answers.  You may check your own work with the answer sheets provided.



Now that you have practised addition and subtraction through word problems, your target today is to create your own word problems.  Use yesterday's work as a WAGOLL so that you know what word problems should look like.  Try to write at least five word problems and create a matching list of answers -- just like a teacher would!  I can't wait to see what you create.  Please send me a picture of your work when you are done.