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Monday 18th May 

Mental Starter:

Practise your 2 times table with your grown up. What is 4 x 2 =? What are 7 lots of 2? Tell me what 11 x 2 =? etc. Remember you can use you fingers to help you count in twos.


Main activity


L.O: To understand the language of position.

The first half of this week, we are looking at position and direction. Today, we are focusing on the language of position- next to, below, above, in between etc.

Watch the powerpoint and then have a go at drawing the pictures in your exercise book, following the instructions on the powerpoint- e.g draw a fish near the surface.

Then have a go at the challenge cards.



Have fun putting different objects in different positions e.g put your cup under a chair, put your shoes next to the t.v. Describe where these objects are to your grown up. (Your cat might be on top of sofa!)


Tuesday 19th May

Mental starter:

Practise your odd and even numbers. Play a game with your grown up. Get your grown up to say a number e.g 27. If you think the number is odd- sit down. If you think the number is even- stand up. How quickly can you play this game? (It might keep you fit too!) 


Main activity


L.O: To understand direction

Today, we are looking at direction. Left, right, turn, forwards etc

Watch the powerpoint on direction then have a go at the challenge cards on direction. (Don't worry about reading 'We are going on a bear hunt' unless you have the book and you want to!)



Have a go at listening to and giving directions with your grown up. Can you direct your grown up from the kitchen to the lounge? Can you follow instructions to get from the bathroom to your bedroom?

Wednesday 20th May

Mental Starter:

Play the topmarks sequencing game with shapes. There are 3 levels.


Main activity


L.O: To understand turns in direction.

We are thinking about turns today-half, full, quarter and three-quarter turns. (This links to our work on fractions last week.)

Watch the humpty dumpty powerpoint. Talk to your grown up about what a half turn, quarter turn etc is. Practise doing some of these turns. Which way are you facing after you have done a half turn? (You may be facing the window now, or the fridge or the t.v)

Then get an object- a teddy or water bottle etc. Hold it in front of you and practise turning it like humpty dumpty on the powerpoint.

Now have a go at the challenge cards on turns.



Using your teddy or water bottle, have a go at turning them a half turn clockwise, a full turn, quaret turn anti-clockwise etc. Draw the position of your teddy/water bottle after each turn in your exercise book. 



Thursday 21st May

Mental Starter:

Number puzzle- What could the number be? Can you think which numbers could fit these puzzles?

  • I have 2 tens and I am an even number greater than 26.
  • If you halve me, you get 6
  • I come between 40 and 50 and have 9 ones.
  • I am an odd number with 1 ten and I am smaller than 13.
  • I come halfway between 30 and 40.
  • If you double me, you get 14.


Main activity


L.O: To practise telling the time

We will just have another quick look at telling time. Watch the powerpoints on o'clock and half past to remind yourselves, then complete the worksheet. 




Watch the powerpoint on the passage of time and then have a go at the challenge cards.

Friday 22nd May

Mental starter: 

Practise partitioning these numbers e.g 36 =3 tens and 6 ones/units.

  • 15
  • 29
  • 43
  • 60

Put these numbers back together e.g  2 tens and 4 ones/units = 24

  • 1 ten and 7 ones/units =
  • 4 ten and 2 ones/units =
  • 3 ten and 0 one/unit =
  • 2 ten and 5 ones/units =


Main activity


L.O: To recognise 2-D and 3-D shape

Watch the powerpoints on 2-D and 3-D shapes and then do one of the worksheets on either 2-D or 3-D shapes (whichever one you think you need the most practise at.) You are welcome to do both if you want! smiley