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Daily Starter Activities: This week, start each daily maths session by practising your counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. Challenge yourself by counting forwards and backwards, from different starting points. You can try 3 digit numbers if you are feeling confident. For example: 75, 70, 65.... or 102, 104, 106...

Choose 1 or 2 questions from the activity mats below too. You can choose your challenge level with these (1, 2 or 3 stars at the bottom of the sheet) and the answers are also provided.

Main Activities

This week, your work will focus on measuring. Start by looking at the PowerPoint below to remind you about the work we have already completed this year. Each day, I've chosen a different measures theme for you to work on. 


L.O.: To compare and order lengths

Complete the activity cards by writing the answers in your book. Afterwards, estimate and measure the length of some objects at home. If you don't have a ruler, you could still estimate lengths and compare the lengths of objects, using the words 'shortest, shorter, longest, longer'.


L.O.: To measure temperature by reading thermometers

  1. Can you read the scales on the thermometers on the sheet below? View on the screen, then write the temperatures in your book.
  2. Complete the temperature activity cards. For page 1, you could draw on 3 temperatures of your choice for the classroom, playgound and hall, or ask someone at home to.


L.O.: To complete capacity problems

Complete a worksheet below (you can copy the answers into your book). Choose your challenge by selecting the sheet which has 1, 2 or 3 stars on. 


L.O.: To measure mass

  1. Complete the activity cards below, writing the answers in your book or talking about the answers where it asks you to draw on the scales. Where it says find items in the classroom, have a look around your home instead.
  2. If possible, choose some items and estimate and measure their mass. If not, choose 3 objects at a time and write or draw them in order from lightest to heaviest, based on how they feel. Remember to check which objects you are allowed to use!



L.O.: To combine coins to make different amounts of money

Choose your challenge level by selecting which worksheet to complete. You can record your answers in your book, reading from the screen.