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Monday 1st June

Mental Starter:

Count in 5's forwards and backwards =, starting from 0. Now start at 25 or 40- go forwards. Then start at 90 or 75 and go backwards.

Main activity.

A nice, gentle activity to get you back into maths after the half term! 

Watch the powerpoint on the more/less than sign. (Remember the rule-Charlie crocodile always eats the biggest number and the =  sign means it has to be the same on both sides.)


L.O: To use the <, > and = signs.

Then complete one of the worksheets. If you don't have a printer, or want to save ink, just copy them out into your workbook.


Have a go at the extension if you want- it links to our place value.

Tuesday 2nd June

Mental starter:

Use the 100 square paint to count in 2s- forwards. Start at 2. Talk to your grown up- what do you notice? Now choose a different colour and start at 1 and count forwards. What do you notice now?

Can you clear your 100 square and paint the numbers counting backwards in 2s (from 100 first then from 99 in a diffferent colour.)

Main activity

Watch the powerpoint on number bonds to 20. Remember we are finding numbers that add up to 20.


L.O:  To practise number bonds to 20.

Then have a go at the worksheets or draw the sticks of 20 in your book and use 2 different coloured pencils to make number bonds to 20. 


Practise writing out the pairs of numbers that make 20 as quickly as you can. (You can set a timer on your tablet or a phone.)

Wednesday 3rd June

Mental Starter:

Practise doubling these numbers as quickly as you can:-  6, 5, 9, 4, 8, 3, 10, 2, 7, 1. More tricky:- 

12, 15, 20, 13, 11, 30, 14, 50.

Main activity


L.O: To complete missing numbers in addition.

Today we are looking at addition, so we are counting on. Have a look at these calculations and use the number lines to help you count on and find the missing number. (Remember- whatever is on one side of the = sign, the other side has to add up to the same amount.) Choose which sheet you want to do, either 1, 2 or 3 star but try and challenge yourself.


Have a go at these:-  (Think about tens then ones)

15 + ___ = 29          _____ + 21 = 37          34 + ____ = 59           ____ + 52 = 89


Thursday 4th June

Mental starter:

Practise halving these numbers as quickly as you can:- 10, 14, 6, 12, 4, 20, 16, 2, 8, 18. More tricky:- 40, 26, 28, 100, 22, 46, 30, 24. (Think about halving your tens, then your ones.)

Main activity


L.O: To complete missing number calculations (subtraction)

Today is missing numbers but with subtraction this time, so we are counting back. Have a go at the missing number calculations on the sheet. Choose which sheet to challenge yourself.


Have a go at these ones:-

27 - ___ = 14        38 - ______ = 16        _____ - 11 = 13          _______ - 15 =  22 (These last two you need to do the inverse -opposite and add the numbers together.)

Friday 5th June

Mental starter:

Practise your 2 times table with your grown up. What is 3 x 5 =? What are 6 lots of 5? Tell me what 8 x 5 =? etc. Remember you can use you fingers to help you count in 5s. (For example 6 x 5- put 6 fingers up, then count in 5s for each finger.)

Main activity:


L.O:To use addition and subtraction to solve problems

Have a go at these challenge cards for addition and subtraction. You don't need to do all of them, just choose about 6 - 8 that you would like to do. If you want to save ink or haven't got a printer, just write the answers in your exercise book.