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Maths Tasks

2018 KS1 Arithmetic Paper

20.4.20: Complete up to question 13

21.4.20: Finish the paper


Don't worry if you don't have a printer - copy and complete the questions in your book.

2018 KS1 Maths Reasoning Paper

22.4.20: Complete questions 5 - 18

23.4.20: Complete questions 19 - 32


Don't worry if you don't have a printer - write the answers in your book or talk about any that are difficult to copy out.


L.O.: To read scales and measure in ml


View the PowerPoint below then complete a worksheet. There are stars at the bottom of each worksheet - choose which level to complete. 1 star = mild, 2 stars = spicy, 3 stars = hot. You don't need to print the sheet - view on the screen then write the answer in your book.

Challenge: With help from someone at home, try some practical measuring. 

Remember to visit the games section under 'Maths' on our web page to practise key skills!