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Mental Well-being

Michelle Wilde

Schools' Social Worker

Contact: or through the school office or Mrs Ashbrook.



At St. Mary’s and St. Benedict’s Primary school, we take the mental well-being of our children and families very seriously. We are fortunate to have a School Social Worker, Michelle Wilde, who comes into school every week to support our children and families. (This is a voluntary service and should not be confused with the Local Authority Social Care).


Michelle works for the charity Caritas (Diocese of Salford) and has over 6 years’ experience of supporting young people and their families. Michelle works in schools to provide Social Work and Therapy services to pupils and their families to assist with any difficulties they may be experiencing.


Michelle offers a whole school family service therefore can support parents as well as children, this can be with advice and guidance around parenting or accessing services or just by giving parents emotional support in individual sessions.


During her time at our school, Michelle has supported many families and children to:


  • Remove barriers to learning and participation.
  • Develop the full potential of individuals within the values and ethos of our school.
  • Nurture the emotional and spiritual development of individual children within the school and home community.
  • Address critical personal and social issues.
  • Develop new skills, knowledge, attitudes and values that assist children and young people in reaching their full potential.


Relax Kids

Michelle has introduced ‘Relax Kids’ workshops, which is a child relaxation class designed to help children become resilient and manage their emotional and mental health.


‘Relax Kids’ uses mindful and relaxation techniques alongside values and positive phycology to help support children’s emotional health and wellbeing. Michelle uses positive affirmations (positivity, strength-building, gratitude, resilience and compassion) to build children’s self-esteem and confidence.


To learn more about Relax Kids, please visit this website:  


NSPCC Workshops

Michelle has been instrumental in leading NSPCC workshops throughout our school.


  • In Key Stage 1, Michelle runs the NSPCC Pants Workshop to help children understand that their body belongs to them, and they should tell someone they trust if anything makes them feel upset or worried. In Years 3 and 4, children receive a refresher PANTS workshop.


  • Years 1-6 children take part in the ‘Expect Respect’ Workshop as part of our Anti-bullying week, which is all about managing feelings, resolving conflicts and changing beliefs and attitudes about men and women.


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