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Monday 11th January

Good morning,


I hope that you are all ready for another week of home learning.  Remember that you can email me through Purple Mash if you need to get in touch.  Also, please remember to ask an adult to attach a photograph of one piece of your Maths work and one for English during the week.  The help sheets to do this are on the class page.


Next Steps work: Please write out your week 2 spelling words from Spring 1 in your homework book.  Remember that these can be found in the homework folder on our class page.



LO: To apply understanding of data to fluency, reasoning and problem solving questions

Today you are going to apply your understanding of data and graphs to fluency, reasoning and problem-solving questions.  Remember these can sometimes need more than one step, so read the question carefully and think what the question is asking.




LO: To practise using formal conjunctions

In this lesson we will learn about formal conjunctions. We will practise using them to link sentences together.

Guided Reading: 

LO: To retrieve information

Read the text, choose your level and answer the questions.  For any that you get wrong, work out where you went wrong.