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Monday 11th January


LO: To add suffixes to root words. 


Immediate Engagement: Use the conjunctions 'and' and 'because' in your own super sentences about Jack and the Beanstalk.


Click on the link to 'Oak National Academy' below and complete the suffixes lesson. You will be adding the suffixes -ing and -ed to a selection of root words. 


Immediate Engagement: Record number bonds to 10. Extend to 20 if you are feeling confident. 


LO:To solve addition problems. 

Click on the link below for 'Oak National Academy' and complete the Maths lesson looking at counting and addition. 



LO: To recognise the roles and responsibilities of people in Church.


Talk to your grown up about the people who help in Church. 

In your discussion, think about:

  • who keeps the church clean?
  • who makes sure the church looks nice?
  • who cuts the grass outside?
  • who gets everything ready for mass? (readings, hymns, books, candles etc).

There are so many important people involved in keeping the Church organised.


Now think about the role of the Priest (Father Mark). Think of some of the roles and responsibilities that Father Mark has in the Church, community and in our school. Think about who he helps and how.


Next, draw a picture of Father Mark and record at least three sentences to explain his roles and responsibilities. 


EXT: You could extend your learning to record a list of 5 adjectives to describe Father Mark.