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Use the film clip to answer the following questions:


1) Who invented Lego? Give three facts about him.

2) Where was he from?

3) What positive words did his wife offer when things first went wrong?

4) “Ole was a special person” Do you agree with this statement? Explain.

5) What is a carpenter?

6) How did Godtfred’s help benefit his Father?

7) How did the first wholesaler’s contract change Ole and his family’s lives?

8) Ole hired his former workers when work became busy again. What does this tell you

about him?

9) “The wholesaler filed for bankruptcy.” What does this mean? How did it affect Ole?

10) What did Ole trade his toys for at first? Why? How is this echoed by Godtfred’s wife

later in the clip?

11) Where did the name Lego come from?

12) What does “Lego” mean?

13) What did Ole spend 3,000 crowns on and how did Godtfred react to this?

14) What lesson was Ole trying to teach Godtfred when he made him re-paint the toys?

15) How do you think World War II might have affected the brand?

16) How would Ole have felt when the workshop was on fire? Why?

17) “Ole was beginning to lose hope.” Why? What made him continue to keep trying?

18) How did the plastic moulding machine change the business?

19) Who were the “three generations” at Ole’s sixtieth birthday party?

20) Why was Godtfred’s chance meeting with the Head of a shopping centre on the ship

a significant moment for Lego?

21) What was the first Lego System toy?

22) “Some people said we were the luckiest children in the world because we got to

grow up in a toy factory.” Do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer.

23) How did putting tubes inside the Lego bricks improve the toy?

24) How was Godtfred like his Father?

25) What gave Godtfred the idea for Legoland amusement park?