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Monday 14th June

Next Steps: Go onto the homework folder on our class page, and write out 3 of each word for this week (week 2 summer 2).  



Maths: click on the video and stop and complete the tasks when asked.  Remember that perimeter is the outside measurement (the boundary), so you may walk around the perimeter of the playground.  Remember when converting units of length, you need to think about the Key Terms of Reference: 10mm=1cm, 100cm=1m etc.  If there are different units of measurement, then you need to convert them so that they are all the same.  Be careful that you write the answer in the correct unit of measurement if the question asks you to.

Click on the video and complete the tasks.  Remember, you can rewind the video and pause it at any point if you need to.  

LO: To retrieve information (information text)

Choose a level of text - challenge yourself with the level that you select.  For any mistakes when you mark, go back to the text to work out where you went wrong.

Science: Complete the task given.  The Power Point and Knowledge Organiser are there to help you with this.