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Tuesday 15th September


GPS starter

Practise the spellings- again, once, people and who. Write each of these out 5 times and try putting them in a sentence.

Main activity

Re read the story of the Jolly Postman that we started last week.

Talk to your grown up about who the characters are and who the postman visits first, next etc.

Tuesday 15th September

L.O: To sequence a story

Divide your page in to six boxes. Number the boxes 1-6. In each box, put a time conjunction at the top- First, Next, After that etc. In each box, draw the characters that the postman visits in order. So in box draw the three bears and write "The three bears" at the bottom of the box. Box 2- Wicked Witch and so on.



Mental maths starter:

Count in 5s forwards and backwards to 100. What do you notice?

Main activity:

Look at the 100 square and talk to your grown up about the patterns of numbers. What happens to the numbers as the go across (in rows)? What about the numbers going down (in columns)? Think about your place value- tens and ones.


L.O : To use and understand a 100 square

Look at the jigsaw puzzle of a 100 square. There are missing numbers. Can you write in the missing numbers? Use the completed 100 square you looked at before to help you and think about your tens and ones. 


Tuesday 15th September

L.O: To know the story of creation.

Read God's story 2 pg 9 and watch the powerpoint on the story of creation.Talk to your grown up about what God created each day.

In your book, draw a picture of what God had created. (Draw the sky with birds, the land with some animals and a river with some fish etc. Don't forget to put people in your picture.)

Underneath, write 3 or 4 sentences to explain how God made the world.