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'With Jesus, we learn as a joyful family and flourish to be the best that we can be'

Monday 15th March


LO: To create a character

Today you are going to create your own character for your story. Draw a picture of your character and think about if your character is nice or nasty. What is the name of your character? Write some adjectives around your picture to describe your character. Then, write 5 sentences to describe how your character feels at different points in your story. For example, your character may be happy at the beginning and shocked in the middle. Tell me why. 

LO: To compare and describe lengths.

Whilst you are at home, try to find different objects to measure. If you have a ruler, measure each object in cm and write down how many cm that object is. Have a go at guessing which objects are going to be bigger/smaller than others. 


To recognise change

Lent is a special time when the family of Jesus think about making a new start. There are occasions when everyone wishes they could make a new start. They wish they could do things differently and not have said or done something unkind, hurtful or silly. It is a time when the family of Jesus try to change and be more like Jesus.


Joel, a wise man who lived some time before Jesus was born, gives some advice about making a new start. Read God’s Story 2 page 50, Come turn to me. This is God speaking to us and that God does not change because God is always kind and loving.


Draw a big picture of a heart, within the heart shape, draw or write down some ways in which you could change and make a new start.