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Monday 16th November


GPS Starter:

Watch powerpoint on adding -er and -est suffix to root words.

Add -er and -est to these root words.







Main Activity

Monday 16th November

L.O: To write the beginning of a new version of Red Riding Hood.

Today we will be writing the opening of our own version of Little Red Riding Hood. Think of box 1 on your story plan from Friday. Begin writing your story with an appropriate opening (Once upon a time/One sunny day) then introduce and describe your new character and who they are visiting. Use lots of adjectives to describe your character. Describe your setting (where they are at) and ‘think, say, write, check’ each sentence and check your punctuation. Extend your sentences with ‘because' or 'so' if you can. We are only writing box 1 today. (Introducing the character, describing the setting  and saying who they are visiting.) Stop when you have done that.


Mental Maths Starter:

Practise counting on and back in 5s from 0 to 100. Try writing these missing numbers.

30, 35, 40, ___, ___,___, 60          95, 90, ___, ___, ___, 70


Main Activity:


L.O: To  understand the use and the terms numerator and denominator. Find fractions of shapes.

Watch the PowerPoint on fractions. Talk to your grown up about how a fraction can describe part of a set and make sure you understand that the larger the denominator, the more pieces it is split into and therefore the smaller each part will be. Think about how to find fractions of a shape links to our division work from last week.

Complete worksheet on finding half and quarter of a shape.



Explore-  Preparations/advent

 We are beginning our new topic this week-preparations/Advent. Talk to tour grown up about preparing to come to school in the morning. What do you do? Is it the same each day? How do we prepare for special occasions: e.g. a party or going on holiday etc. What jobs does each person have to do?

Answer the following questions.


  1. Why is it necessary to prepare?
  2. What would happen if you didn’t prepare?
  3. How do you feel when you are preparing for special times?
  4. What sort of preparations do members of the family make for Christmas?
  5. What would happen if people didn’t prepare for Christmas?
  6. Is there anything you don’t like about preparations – for example, crowded shops?

Monday 16th November

L.O: To explore how we prepare for special times.

Think about all the preparations that are made at home in readiness for Christmas. For example, buying cards, stamps, gifts, food; making cakes, puddings, mince pies; putting up decorations, a tree; booking a special outing to a pantomime or a meal.

Draw a picture then write about how you get ready for Christmas in your house.