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'With Jesus, we learn as a joyful family and flourish to be the best that we can be'

Monday 16th November


Immediate Engagement: Can you sort this jumbled sentence?    frog    had    a   bag   the


LO: To recognise and find plurals.

We have done some work in class on plurals and know we use them when we have more than one of something.


Can you add the suffix '-s' to the words below and then use them in a sentence? The first one has been done for you.

  • bag         bags

I have two school bags.

  • chip
  • dog
  • girl
  • toy
  • pen
  • bottle



Immediate Engagement: Can you record a number pattern counting in 2's?


LO: To recognise fractions as equal parts of a whole.


Look at the 'Pizza Fractions' PowerPoint below and think carefully about the fractions that it shows. Remember that a fraction is an equal part of a whole.


Next, complete the 'Read and Colour' challenge page.

EXT: Using some paper shapes, can you fold them into half and quarters? **Ask your grown up to help you.**



LO: To recognise importance of waiting and to think about the times that we wait.


We are getting ready to celebrate Advent and are really excited about Christmas. We have had to wait a whole year since last Christmas and it is very, very exciting. Talk to your grown up about the times you have had to wait (for your birthday, for your tea to be cooked, for a holiday/party) and think about how you felt during these times (excited, happy).


Now think about how people felt when they were waiting for Jesus to be born. Would they have felt the same way we feel when we are waiting for something special?


Write three sentences about the times you have had to wait and how you felt.


EXT: You could extend your learning to record a sentence about how people felt when they were waiting for Jesus to be born. Why did they feel this way?