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'With Jesus, we learn as a joyful family and flourish to be the best that we can be'

Monday 18th January


Immediate engagement: Can you add question marks to the sentences below and then record your own question?

  • when is it playtime
  • what are we having for lunch
  • what time is it


LO: To listen and respond to instructions. 

Click on the link beow and view the lesson from oak National Academy. Today we will be listening and responding to instructions. 



This week we will be revising Phase 3 sounds ur, er and ow.

Please visit PhonicsPlay to access games focusing on these sounds. You could play Picnic on Pluto, Dragon's Den or Buried Treasure. 


You could also play Tricky Word Trucks!


**If your child is more confident, please use the PhonicsPlay website to explore games and resources for Phase 4 and Phase 5.** 


Immediate Engagement: Find one more and one less than the numbers below. 

  • 12
  • 5
  • 11
  • 19
  • 16
  • 14
  • 4


LO: To count back in ones.

Click on the link below to watch the lesson for today. This lesson will focus on counting back. 


LO: To recognise that the parish family gathers to celebrate Mass with the priest on Sunday. 

The priest leads the parish family as they gather to celebrate Mass at church on Sunday.


The priest is a special person who has been chosen to do God’s work.
As a gathering hymn is being sung the priest and the altar servers process through the church to the altar.

The priest, with everyone, makes the Sign of the Cross and says some words of welcome.

The priest wears different coloured vestments according to the time of the Church’s Year. Green is worn in Ordinary times.


Have a look at the picture below of Mass and think about the following questions:

  • What is happening in this picture?
  • Which special person can you see?
  • What is the priest wearing?
  • What colour is the priest wearing?
  • What is the priest doing?
  • What do you think he means by holding out his arms?


Draw and describe 3 special people from Mass (e.g Priest, readers, choir, piano player/musician, altar servers who carry the offertory gifts of bread and wine). Think about their roles and responsibilities in Mass. 


EXT: Finish the sentences below:

  • At the beginning of mass we stand and...
  • Then we make the...
  • We are then welcomed by...