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Monday 18th January


GPS Starter:

Homophones- watch the short BBC Bitesize video clip on homophones. Now complete these sentences with your grown up. (You don't need to write the sentences down, unless you want to. There is a lot of writing in the main activity today.) Just point to the correct homophone or spell it out loud.

The bear/bare was hibernating for the winter.

Knights/nights used to ride horses and carry swords.

The sky was blew/blue and full of clouds.

We had a juicy pear/pair for our snack.

Not all trees are bear/bare in winter.

In winter, the knights/nights are longer.

The wind blew/blue the leaves off the trees.

She needs a new pear/pair of gloves for winter.


Main Activity

Monday 18th January

L.O: T o write the build up to an explorer story

Today, we are writing the next part of our explorer story. We are thinking about your character finding something and then getting a reward. Look back at your plan and think about what your character finds. Use lots of adjectives to describe the setting (place) they are exploring and then after a while, say what they find. Was it underneath a prickly bush in the jungle? Was it behind a big rock at the back of a cave? Describe the object they have found. (I have seen some great ideas on your story plans! smiley ) Then explain how they take it back and that they get a reward. Describe the reward and say how your character feels. Then stop. We will carry on tomorrow.

Remember- think, say, write , check your sentences. Remember -punctuation, conjunctions adjectives, adverbs, handwriting.


Can you use a different sentence starter? After a while,....  When....  Suddenly,.........


Mental Maths Starter:

To recap on our lesson on rounding last week, play the game on rounding numbers. You need to go to level 4 and click on rounding numbers to 99. If you want to challenge yourself, try bigger numbers.

Main Activity


L.O: To solve problems involving mass

Watch the Oak Academy lesson on word problems involving mass. Complete the worksheet within the lesson (it's very short) and also the worksheet below.


Can you write 3 of your own word problems involving weight and mass?


Monday 18th January

L.O: To know that the Gospels contain the word of God

Watch the video below and talk to your grown up about what is happening. Think about these things as you watch the video.

  • The Gospel readings for each Sunday are on a 3 Year cycle. (A, B, C)
  • Gospel: means ‘Good News’; the Book of the Gospels is honoured in a special way because Jesus is God’s Son bringing the Good News of God’s love to everyone.
  • Thurible: is a container for hot charcoal on a chain; as it swings, the smoke and the smell of incense is spread around as a sign of honour and prayer.
  • Incense: a natural gum (resin) which has a sweet smell when it is burned.
  • Lectern: is the bookstand where people read.
  • The Sign of the Cross with the thumb: just before the Gospel is read is the sign of Jesus; here used in a blessing.  One traditional explanation for this action is that listeners may think about and understand the Gospel (forehead), proclaim it (lips), treasure and live by it (heart).

In your books, draw a picture of the priest standing at the lecturn and reading the Gospel. Next to that or underneath, draw 3 little pictures of where we make the sign of the cross with our right thumb (forehead, lips and heart) as we say the words "Glory to you, Oh Lord." We say and do this before the Gospel reading. Write at least one sentence underneath your pictures, to explain what is happening.

A Gospel reading

Still image for this video