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Monday 18th May

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Good Morning Ward class!

Happy new week - the final week of the term.

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. J


Today’s activities:


This week on the Oak National Academy, we continue to look at converting measurements.


Work through the lesson, follow the instructions; I will put one link to the lessons each day. You will have quizzes to complete to find out what you already know and even have a real life teacher talking to you, with videos to follow.


Today’s lesson –To convert between miles and kilometres



Focus: Titanic - Find out all there is to know about the infamous ‘unsinkable ship’ Titanic. An exciting fortnight combining fiction, non-fiction and poetry.


This week concentrates on Titanic before the sinking.


Read about the Titanic, jotting down key facts that interest you:



Now read ‘Titanic: Facts and Figures’ and watch the video about how Titanic was built, jotting down information.



Based on what you have learned about Titanic so far and the notes you have made, create a True or False’ game for a member of your family or to email using Purple Mash to two people in our class who you would like to challenge. Make sure you know the answers – whether they are true and false so that you can check! J

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