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Monday 1st February

Good morning!


I hope that everyone is well - thank you for working so hard at home.  It is lovely seeing your work!


Next Steps: divisions


25 divided by 5 = 

100 divided by 10 = 

56 divided by 8 =

144 divided by 12 = 

64 divided by 8 = 

99 divided by 9 =


Remember to make these easier, you can make them in to reverse multiplications.  For example 16 divided by 4, you can think 4 x ? = 16

In this lesson, we will read and respond to three of John Lyons' poems from his collection 'Dancing in the Rain', including discussing structure, language and meaning. We will watch videos of Lyons reading his poems from CLPE. Teaching sequence and video clips of John Lyons reading poems from CLPE (
In this lesson, we will identify the names and properties of a range of 3-D shapes. We will apply this understanding to real-world 3-D based problem solving.

LO: To retrieve information

Choose your level, read the text and complete.  Remember to try to use the exact words from the text and quotation marks if you can.  Mark your answers and go back to the text for any corrections.


Click on the document to open up and read the task.  Remember to self assess next to your LO.