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Monday 1st February



Plurals- which of these plurals is correct? Copy the one that is right.

boxs or boxes?

curtains or curtaines?

matches  or matchs?

sheep or sheeps?

elfs or elves?

tomatos or tomatoes?

children or childs?


Main Activity

Monday 1st February

L.O: To research a famous explorer.

Watch the powerpoint below on Christopher Columbus and make some notes about him or find out about a different explorer using the internet.

Put these headings and use bullet points to record what you have found out. 


Early Life (when and where they were born, their parents)

Where they explored

What they are famous for

What happened to them in end

Interesting facts





Mental Maths

Practise halving these numbers- 8, 12, 20, 40, 18, 100, 6, 30, 16, 80, 14, 50, 10 (How quickly can you say what half the number is?)


Main Activity


L..O: To interpret and use data using a pictogram

Follow the lesson on pictograms. Don't do the worksheet from Oak Academy (unless you want to do extra) but do the one attached below instead. (There are 3 different versions-choose one)



Monday 1st February

L.O: To explore how we give and receive thanks

Our new RE topic is about giving thanks. Today, we are thinking about different ways of saying thank you. Talk to your grown up about times when you have thanked someone or when you received thanks. How did you feel?  Read the story below and answer the questions.

  1. Why was Mrs. Hegarty thanked?
  2. How did different people say thank you to her?
  3. How do you think Mrs. Hegarty felt?
  4. Which way would you choose to say thank you?


Activity- complete the table to show different times and ways we give thanks. Some ideas-

    • school: being kind to others, words of thanks.
    • home: being helpful, a kiss, a hug.
    • community: doing a good turn, a letter, a phone call, email, or text.


Make a thank you card for someone in your family. Think about what you are saying thank you for and how might the person feel to hear you say thank you.