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Monday 1st March

Guided Reading

Thank you to everyone who has been reading on Get Epic. Well done for carrying on your reading. Remember, once you have completed the book I have assigned for you, you can pick your own. Also, try to do the quiz at the end of each book, this is just to check you have understood what you have read. The website has a huge range of books to choose from and some of them are audio books so you can even listen to them if you wish. Our class code is law7246

Your books for this week are:

Group 1 Comets: Growing a Beanstalk for Jack

Group 2 Planets: Zak's King Arthur Adventure

Group 3 Astronauts: The Big Bad Wolf and the Robot Pig

Group 4 Rockets: Lizzie Little, the Sky is Falling

Group 5 Stars: Goldie Duck and the Three Beavers


LO: To box up for a purpose


GPS Starter: 

Can you write 2 sentences to describe your weekend and use 2 different conjunctions to extend your sentences. 


Main Task: 

Today we are going to box up a plan of a recount ready to write our own this week. Remember, you don't have to use the one on the videos, you can choose your own recount if you prefer. 


Can you write down 3 adverbs that you could use in your recount. For example, lovely.


Go onto phonics play and look at phase 5. Play flashcards speed trial and look at phase 5A. Then you can choose some other games. 


LO: To identify one half of a shape


Mental Maths Starter: 

Draw a box in your book. Split your box into half. Then quarters. Tell an adult how you did it. 


Main Task:

This week we are looking at the topic of 'fractions'. Today we are going to recap our knowledge of finding a half. 


Can you draw a circle and shade in one half?

Can you draw a square and shade in one half?

Can you draw a triangle and shade in one half?

Can you draw a rectangle and shade in one half?



LO: To recognise Communion

With an adult, talk about what is happening in the picture in Church’s Story 1 pages 28-29 (people receiving Holy Communion). Holy Communion means being close to Jesus and God his Father. It also means being close to each other. We are all God’s children.


Think about the key questions below:


  • What do you see in the picture? (Priest, people, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Chalice)
  • What is happening? (The priest giving the host, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion giving the chalice)
  • What do people do who do not receive Holy Communion? (cross arms against their chest and receive a blessing)


Now, write 3 sentences to explain what happens at Mass. Think about: 

  • Who blesses the Communion gifts? (The priest/Father Mark)
  • What does the priest give during Communion? (Bread and wine)
  • What do the parishoners do while other people receive Communion? (Sing hymns, pray)


EXT:  You could create your own picture of Mass and label it. Try to include:

  • Priest
  • Parishoners
  • Communion wine
  • Communion bread
  • Altar