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Monday 20th April

Mental Maths:  Count forwards and backwards in 5s to 100 (and beyond). Tell your grown up what you notice about the pattern. (Clue- think about the last digit.)


Main Activity:  We are looking at number bonds to 10 and making sure we can recall them quickly!

Watch the powerpoint on number bonds.


L.O: To know number bonds to 10.

Complete the worksheet below. Don't worry if you don't have a printer, you can draw coloured squares or circles in your exercise book. Don't forget to write the number sentences underneath, e.g: 9 + 1 = 10.

Then, (and this is the important part ) I want you to make sure know off by heart your number bonds to 10. Keep looking at them and saying them. Get your grown up to test you-

7 and what make 10? Keep practising throughout the day (and week). Your grown up might ask you while you are having your tea, or reading your bedtime story-so be ready!!