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Monday 21st September


GPS starter:

Watch the powerpoint to recap our work on adjectives.

Main activity

Monday 21st September

L.O: To write a story with a familiar setting.

This week we are writing our own story based on the Jolly Postman. Go back to your story map that you made on Friday, where you planned your story.

Today we are just writing box 1 of the story. (We will do a box each day.)

Think about how we start a story- One fine, sunny day..... or One cloudy morning.....etc. Then you are going to describe your character- The Cheerful Postman or The Happy Postman. Describe what he looks like, what he is wearing, what he is like (kind, helpful, friendly etc) Next tell me where he goes and which character he delivers to. Describe the place (house, shop etc) and the character. Say what the postman gives the character (a letter or parcel etc). Then STOP there- we will write box 2 tomorrow. Don't forget to think, say, write , check your sentences. Use capital letters and full stops. Capital letters for names. Try to use conjunctions- and, but, because or so. Read your work back to check it makes sense.


Mental maths starter:

Practise doubling your numbers up to 20.

Play archery game:-

Main activity


L.O: To choose and use appropriate units to measure length.

This week in maths, we are looking at measurement. Watch the powerpoint on rulers and measuring, then complete the chart in your book. Change some of the objects if you don't have them at home.



In school this week, we are using watercolours and experimenting with mixing primary and secondary colours. We are going to choose one of our animals from hot or cold places and sketch the outline in pencil. We are then going to use water colours and mix colours to fill in the picture and add detail.Use your paints, if you have some, to create a picture of an animal from animal from a hot or cold place. If you don't have any paints, use a different type of media- chalk, felt tips, pastels, collage etc.

If you want to, you can email your finished picture to the office, then I can print it out and stick it in your art book in school.