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Monday 25th January


Play the GPS game. Do the first one or two belts for now. (You can always go back and play more later.)

Main Activity

Monday 25th January

L.O: To write a non-chronological report about explorers (cold write)

We finished our fiction (story) unit last week, so we are now starting our non-fiction (information) unit on explorers. We are going to do our 'cold write' today, like we do in class. This is when you do a piece of writing at the beginning of a topic to see what we already know. Today, you are going to write a non-chronological report about explorers. Think back to what a non-chronological report is and its features. Try not to get too much help from your grown up, as this is an independent task when we do it normally in class. Just try your best.



Mental Maths:

This week for our mental maths we are going to work through the powerpoint. There are mixed questions for each day. You can use some scrap paper to work out the answers if you need to. You don't need to write the answers in your book- try and work them out mentally. Do day 1 today.


Main Activity


L.O: To recognise 2-D shapes on the surface of 3D shapes

Work through the lesson on  recognising 2D shapes on the surface of 3D shapes. Talk to your adult about which ones you can recognise. 


Monday 25th January

L.O: To reflect on what we have learnt and what we want to take forward.

This is our last week on the topic of ' Domestic church-Books'. Today, we will be reflecting on what we have learnt and what we want to take forward from this topic. Look back in your workbook and think about what we have learnt about books in the church community.

You can use the open book template below (just print page 1) or divide part of your page in half vertically (up and down.)

Copy the headings from the template into your book. When you have finished your writing/pictures, you could draw an outline of pages around the edge , so that it looks like a book.

What I want to relect on:-  you could choose one of the following or use your own idea. Draw and write your ideas.

  • you could write/ draw about the 4 gospels {Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.)
  • the priest reading the Gospel
  • a story we know about Jesus from the New Testament
  • what the different books at Mass are for

What I want to take away from this topic.

Think about why books are important and in particular the Bible and books we use a Mass. What do you want to remember about this topic?

(One idea is to maybe draw a picture of the Bible on the lectern and write a sentence underneath to say why the Bible is special)