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'With Jesus, we learn as a joyful family and flourish to be the best that we can be'

Monday 25th January


Immediate Engagement: Make the words below plurals by adding 's' and use them in super sentences.

  • cup
  • dog
  • chip
  • chocolate


LO: To box up a set of instructions.

In this lesson, we will be boxing up a recycled set of instructions, showing the overall structure and the purpose of each section.

Please click on the link below.



This week we will be revising Phase 3 sounds ure, air and ear.

Please visit PhonicsPlay to access games focusing on these sounds. You could play Picnic on Pluto, Dragon's Den or Buried Treasure. 


You could also play Tricky Word Trucks!


**If your child is more confident, please use the PhonicsPlay website to explore games and resources for Phase 4 and Phase 5.** 


Immediate Engagement: Read and write number 1-10 in number and words.


LO: To match number to value.

Please click on the link below for Oak National Academy.

In this lesson you will link the words in the counting sequence to pictures and representations.

LO: To consider how we spread God's message of peace.

At the end of Mass, the priest gives everyone God's blessing and tells them to "Go in Peace".

We all say "Thanks be to God".


Talk to your grown up about the different ways we can show peace, love and kindness in our everyday lives.

In your discussion, think about:

  • who we can help
  • how we can help others
  • where we can help
  • what Jesus would want us to do


Next, design a poster to tell people how they can spread God's message of love and peace.

*Please include pictures and sentences on your poster.*