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Monday 27th April

Mental Maths

Play the shark game on ICT games to help practise your place value. (See link below)


Main activity


L.O: To complete missing number calculations (addition)

Look at the number sentences on the sheet and fill in the missing numbers. You can count on from your starting number, for example    4 + _ = 12. Start at 4 (put 4 in your head or put your finger on 4 on numberline) and count on on your fingers or use a numberline/ruler until you get to 12 (count on your fingers/numberline until you get up to 12 then stop). How many have you counted on? (How many fingers/jumps on numberline did you need to get up to 12?)  You needed 8, so 4 + 8 = 12.

If it is a lot to count on (and you have run out of fingers) or you are working with bigger numbers, you can turn the calculation into a subtraction. We have learnt in class that subtraction is the opposite of addition. So if we have  4 + __ = 22 , turn this addition calculation into a subtraction i.e 22 - 4 =. Again, either use your fingers or a numberline to work this out. 22- 4 = 18, so 4 + 18 = 22

(Sorry for the long explanation but I couldn't find a straight forward powerpoint to show you.)