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Monday 28th September

Monday 28th September:


For each activity you do not need to complete the whole amount.  Think how much you would normally complete in a lesson at school as a guide!


Spellings: use our spelling strategies that we use in class to write out the week 4 spelling words.


Maths: LO: To subtract using written methods. Choose from 2 levels. Level one - page 3 or level 2.  


There is a PowerPoint to remind you.


We looked at this last week.  Set your work out vertically and then start subtracting from the units column.  If you can't do it you need to go to the next column, cross out the number and write one number less, and then regroup/exchange to the column you were trying to take away from.  Remember when you subtract, you are taking some away from the original number so your answer will always be smaller.  Write the place value letters to help you.


You can always check your answer with inverse addition if you want to.


English: LO: To identity point and evidence

Continue with the Point and Evidence work from Friday.  The text is there to read through again.  Remember try to use the exact words from the text in your answers and if you do use quotation marks.


Extension: write some points of your own and find the evidence.


Guided reading: LO: To scan for information 

Read the text Garden Birds and answer the questions.  There are different levels to choose from.


Mental Maths: practise your 6x tables.  Extension: TTRockstars


RE: LO: To respond and reflect upon what it means to be part of a family

Write a prayer thinking about what we have learnt this unit about our Family Trees and Jesus' Family Tree.