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Monday 30th March


Monday 30th March

L.O: To plan your own recount.

Think about a day out you have had or a birthday party. Talk to your grown up about what you did and in what order.

Split your page into 4 boxes.

Box 1- draw and write a few words about what you did first e.g First we played pass the parcel or First we visited the tigers at the zoo.

Box 2- what you did next  ( next we had party food and cake or next we went to watch the sealions being fed)

Box 3- After that..... ( musical statues or then we had lunch near the lions cage)

Box 4- Finally... (gave out party bags and prizes or visited the gift shop and bought something) 


Mental Starter: Practise saying all your odd and even numbers to 30

Main Activity:


L.O: To recognise 3-D shapes

 Watch the powerpoint on 3 D shapes and then complete the worksheet


Update your bean diary. Record any changes in sentences and pictures.

Move on to complete a 'picture prediction' by drawing what you think your bean plant will look like when it is fully grown. 

You could add a sentence to your picture. "I think that my bean plant will........"



If you didn't see the message on Friday, Mrs Ashbrook has suggested that you take a selfie of you doing your online homework and email it to the office. (It is a lovely idea to help us feel connected and together in these strange times.) I have put the ones I have received so far on our class page. If you scroll down to the folder called 'class photos' and click on it, then there is a sub folder called 'homework selfies.' Keep them coming in- it is lovely to see all your smiling faces! smiley