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Monday 4th May

Mental Starter:

Play the ICT game 'balloons' - Level 2 -to help practise your number bonds to 10. (2 of the balloons add up to 10, so use this knowledge to help you find the answer more quickly!

Main Activity


L.O: To use tally charts and bar graphs

Fill in the missing information on the tally chart, block graph and answer the questions. This information links to our science work on habitats!

Year 2

Year 2- I would like you to have a go at the arithmetic SATs paper. If you do up to question 13 today and then you can do the rest of the booklet tomorrow. This is instead of the work set above on tally charts but it if you want to do both, that is absolutely fine! If you don't have a printer, just write the answers in your book. Don't forget you can use the space on your booklet or in your exercise book to work out your answers.