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Monday 8th February

Guided Reading

Thank you to everyone who has been reading on Get Epic. We have now read over 200 books as a class! I am so proud of you for carrying on your reading! Remember, once you have completed the book I have assigned for you, you can pick your own. The website has a huge range of books to choose from and some of them are audio books so you can even listen to them if you wish. Our class code is law7246

Your books for this week are:

Group 1 Comets: Wally Walrus

Group 2 Planets: Perky Otter

Group 3 Astronauts: Patty Cat

Group 4 Rockets: Bitty Fish

Group 5 Stars: Sheep in a Jeep


LO: To recognise language patterns


GPS Starter:

Can you write down two sentences about your weekend using two different conjunctions?


Main Task: 

Today we are starting our new topic of 'Traditional Rhymes'. Do you know any rhymes already? Tell an adult your favourite nursery rhyme. 

In your book, can you write down as many words you can think of that rhyme with the word 'day'. 


We are going to look at the poem, 'I am the baker man', I have attached a video below. Have a look at the poem and see if you can change any of the words to make your own verse. It does not have to be the whole rhyme! It can be anything you want to describe, such as, 'I am the football man' or 'I am the dancer girl'. I have also attached a word bank to help you. Think about the different adjectives you could use.



Can you think of 5 adjectives to describe your chosen person or activity?


Go onto phonics play and look at phase 5. Play flashcards speed trial on phase 3 and 5A and then you can choose some other games.

Can you think of some words that have the sounds 'ear' and 'air'?


LO: To recognise sharing amounts equally


Mental Maths Starter:

I have 5 apples. My 3 friends also have 5 apples each. How many apples do we have altogether?


Main Task:

Today we are carrying on with our topic of multiplication and division. We are again looking at sharing amounts equally. Remember to draw out your circles as this will help you!


Can you double and half these amounts?






LO: To describe what happens at Mass
Today we are looking at, 'The Last Supper'. Look at the picture and read the story of The Last Supper from God’s Story 2, page 77 based on Luke 22: 19-20.  This was the Last Supper Jesus had with his disciples before he died. After Jesus died, his friends would meet together and celebrate as he had asked them to.


Today, people still celebrate this special meal when they gather for Mass. The priest repeats the words Jesus said at the Last Supper; This is my body and this is my blood.”  This is Jesus giving himself to us.

Think about and discuss these questions with an adult.

  • Why was this called the Last Supper?
  • What did Jesus do and say?
  • What food and drink did Jesus and his friends share?
  • What did Jesus ask people to do?
  • During Mass who does what Jesus did at the Last Supper?


Now, using the picture from God's Story 2 page 77, add speech bubbles to it and write down what you think is being said. You can draw your own picture if you would like. 


Can you write down some adjectives to describe how Jesus and his friends may have felt at the Last Supper?