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Monday 8th February

Hello everyone,


I hope that you are all well. If you didn’t send a photograph of a piece of English and Maths work last week, can you please email it today. 

Remember if you need help, please email on Purple Mash. 



Next steps: please practice your tables on TTRockstars and try to improve your speed. I will check to see how quick you now are. Challenge yourself!

In this lesson, we recap the tone and theme of John Lyons' poems 'Carib Nightfall' and 'Dancing in the Rain'. We will then create word maps of vocabulary to use in our own poems about nature and weather. Teaching sequence and video clips of John Lyons reading poems from CLPE (
In this lesson, you will be looking at identifying numbers and how they are recorded in different number systems. We will look for patterns and familiarities with number systems we already know and use this information to help write a variety of numbers in the new scripts.

LO: To retrieve information 

Read the text and answer the questions. Please mark your answers, and for any that you get wrong go back to the text to work out why.