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Monday 8th February


GPS Starter:

Play the possessive apostrophe game on spelling play. Click on all 4 parts. Please read the part that says DANGER! This is a mistake that lots of children make.

Main Activity

Monday 8th February

L.O: To read a selection of poems and learn one off by heart.

This week our focus is on poetry. Watch the powerpoint reminding us what poetry is.  (The last external video-'The Pencil in Me' is perhaps a little too abstract for Y2 children, so you don't need to watch this one, if you don't want to.)Today, I want you to read a selection of poems based loosely on our 'explorers' theme. Read the poems out loud and talk about them with your grown up. Then have a go at learning one of the poems or a verse (remember, poems are often split into chunks called 'verses') from one of the poems. Practise reading this poem out loud and then perform it to an audience, either your grown up, brothers or sisters or your teddies/dog or cat if everyone is busy! You could get someone to record you reciting (saying out loud) your poem, like we do at school. You could even send me the video on an email, if you want. It would be lovely to see and hear you again!

* If you are printing these poems out- please don't throw them away- you will need them to write on tomorrow.*



Mental Starter:

Today, we are going to practise doubling. Play the 'Hit the Button' game. Click on 'doubling'  and the choose which numbers you want to double. I would suggest doubling to 20 or below to start off with. You can always challenge yourself to go higher if you are feeling confident!

Main Activity


L.O: To solve word problems involving multiplication.

Work through the Oak Academy lesson. Where the teacher talks about bar modelling- we have done this as drawing plates and how many on each plate. It is the same thing. Don't do the independent activity included in the lesson, do the challenge cards below instead. There are 12 challenge cards. You don't have to do them all but make sure you do at least 5. Try to do at least one card that is a multiple of 2, one multiple of 5 and one multiple of 10.

There is also an extension activity if you want to have a go.


Complete the word problems. Some of them are 2 step problems, so think carefully about what you need to work out.


Monday 8th February

L.O: To identify the different parts of Mass

Today we are thinking about Mass. Another word for the Mass is the Eucharist.  This word means thanksgiving. Mass has four parts:

1          We gather

2          We listen

3          We give thanks

4          We go out

Look at the different parts below and talk about them with your grown up. The pictures to go with each part are attached below


1.  WE GATHER: (Use Church’s Story 2 pages 6-9).

We gather together with others in our parish family.  We gather to give God praise and thanks. Everyone is welcomed.  Talk briefly about what is happening in the picture.


2.  WE LISTEN: (Use Church’s Story 2 pages 10-13).  We listen carefully and give thanks as God speaks to us through His Word in Scripture.  Talk briefly about what is happening in the pictures.


3.  WE GIVE THANKS: (Use Church’s Story 2 pages 40-43).  During this part of the Mass, we give thanks to God as the priest says the same words as Jesus did at the Last Supper.  We call this the ‘Eucharistic Prayer.’  Show the pictures on pages 40 and 41.  Read the text together.  Display pages 42 and 43 and talk about the pictures.


4.  WE GO OUT: (Use Church’s Story 2 page 16).  The priest sends us out in peace to spread God’s love to everyone.

Answer these questions verbally with your grown up:-

  1. Why does the parish family gather at Mass?
  2. What do the parish family listen to at Mass?
  3. When does the priest use the same words that Jesus did at the Last Supper?
  4. How could the parish family spread God’s love to everyone?


Divide your page into 4 boxes. Put the headings "We gather", "We listen", "We give thanks" and "We go out" at the top of each box. Draw a picture and write a sentence about what happens in that part of Mass.