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Monday 8th June

Monday 8th June

Good Morning Ward class! I hope you all had a lovely weekend wink


Today’s activities:


Our Maths learning continues to come from Oak National Academy Online.

Click on this link to find your maths lessons for this week:  




Focus: Hygiene, Health and Heroes – This week explores all things to do with health, hygiene and heroes. What is a microbe? Which scientists made important advances that impact our lives today? What is the NHS and who do you consider a hero in this current climate?



Watch and listen to the song: ‘Microorganisms’ by Peter Weatherall – Make notes as you watch:


After listening to the song, read this webpage about microorganisms and make notes:


Now watch the short BBC clip:




Imagine that the government have asked you to create a leaflet for children about microorganisms and the importance of washing hands.


Using what you have read and watched today, design a leaflet suitable for children your age. This can be completed in your books or as the ‘2do’ on Purple Mash. Make sure your leaflet is informative yet attractive to children but considering what vocabulary you use and thinking carefully about the layout. You may also want to include pictures or diagrams.