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Monday 9th November


Immediate Engagement: Can you sort this sentence scramble?

  fox    box    big   had    a   the


LO: To use adjectives to describe.

Look at the dragon picture for your own story. What have you decided to call it?

Write a list of at least ten adjectives (describing words) to describe your dragon.

Think about:

  • what your dragon looks like
  • how they behave (Are they silly or sensible? Are they kind or mean? Are they happy or sad?)
  • what your dragon is good at (being kind, helpful)


EXT: Write 2 sentences telling me about what your dragon likes to do and what they like to eat.



Immediate Engagement: Count in 2's to 20 and in 10's to 100. (Use the 100 square to help you).


LO: To create patterns in numbers.

Look at the 100 square below and use it to record a number pattern counting in 5's.

Start at 5 and record numbers to 50.

Next, create a number pattern starting at 2 and going to 30.


EXT: Record a number pattern counting in 10's. start at 10 and record steps to 100.



LO: To create a Baptism prayer.

Look at the KS1 Christening PowerPoint below and think about how new babies are welcomed into the church and God's family.


Write a prayer to welcome new babies into the church, reminding them that God will always love and guide them.

*Your prayer should be at least 2 sentences long*