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We have recently learned that children can participate in musical activities from home without instruments! How exciting laughyes


The Lancashire Music Services have created a countywide sing-along. The only technological requirement for the students will be access to Youtube and they are encouraged to subscribe to the Lancashire Music Service Youtube channel to get updates: (a link to the channel)


Beginning this week, new videos will be uploaded daily.  The videos will consist of different warm-ups and new songs which will prepare the children for a virtual "Lancashire Big Sing."  Thursday 25th June is the 'performance day' when everyone can sing the songs they have been practising.


This sounds pretty accessible for all age groups and I know that in Southworth class we love a sing song and a dance routine!! Enjoy it and email me videos if you create any! blush

Welcome to Lancashire's Virtual Big Sing | Lancashire Music Hub

Children both in schools and at home are invited to be part of Lancashire Big Sing! We'll be hosting a 'Virtual' Big Sing on our Lancashire Music Service Channel!