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Monday 27th April - RE

In RE this week, we are looking at Ascension Day (the day that Jesus went back up to Heaven.)

Watch the powerpoint below about Jesus appearing to his disciples and then going back up to Heaven. Then read the passage from John's Gospel and look at the picture. Talk to your grown up about Jesus going back up to Heaven and how the disciples must have felt.

Monday 27th April

L.O: To understand that Jesus would soon return to his father.

Draw a picture of Jesus talking to his disciples after his resurrection. Include speech bubbles to show what they are saying.


Underneath write 2 or 3 sentences to explain how the disciples were feeling and why they felt like that.

Tuesday 28th April-Science

Tuesday 28th April

L.O: To match animals to their habitats.

Look at the background (habitats) cards and then look at the animal cards. Your task is to match the animals to their habitats. Talk to your grown up about why you think the animal lives in that environment. Remember our work last week about what animals need- food/water, shelter, camouflage and somewhere to raise their young. There are 6 different habitats and 24 animals.

If you haven't got a printer you can draw the habitat then draw at least 1 animal that lives there, next to the habitat. You may want to save printer ink and draw this activity anyway. Underneath each picture, (printed or drawn) write a sentence. Choose one of your animals and write something like:- " A camel lives in the ___________ because_____________ (give reasons.)   

Wednesday 29th April- Art

Look at sheet with patterns on. Try and copy each pattern into the square below or draw the patterns in your book. Look really carefully at each one. Are the lines thick or thin? Are they straight or curved? Look at a little part of the pattern and copy that, then look at the next part and draw that. Keep going until you have drawn the whole pattern. Does yours look the same as the original? This activity will really help to improve your observational drawing skills.



Look around your house or outside. Can you see any patterns? It may be a pattern on your rug, dinner plates or windows. Perhaps the fence panels in the garden have a pattern or there is one on your gate. Look carefully around you!

Thursday 30th April- RE

Watch powerpoint on Pentecost and look at the picture. Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit came down to the disciples. Read the passage from the Bible.

Talk to your grown up about when the Holy Spirit came down and what the disciples heard, saw and how they might have felt.

Thursday 30th April

L.O: To know what happened on Pentecost Day.

Draw a picture of the disciples receiving the Holy Spirit. Don't forget to include the flame above their heads.

Underneath write a few sentences to explain what happened on Pentecost Day. Try to include:-

  • the disciples missing Jesus
  • hearing the rushing wind
  • flames appearing above their heads
  • suddenly being able to speak different languages
  • the disciples knowing Jesus had kept his promise to sent someone to help them  
  • the disciples going out to spread the message



Friday 1st May- PE

Try this for a fun Friday PE session! Make sure you find a safe space to try it!

  1. Click on this link for a warm up:
  2. Open the document below and follow the instructions about jumping!
  3. Click on this link for a challenge: