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'With Jesus, we learn as a joyful family and flourish to be the best that we can be'

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Monday 1st June - R.E.

(New Topic - Rules)

L.O.: To recognise how rules help us

Think about rules and why they are important. Can you remember any of our school rules? Name some and think about what would happen if we didn't follow them. Read the story and talk about the answers to the questions (see below). Then, choose a sport or a club and make a list of the rules in your book. Say why they are important.


  1. What new rules did Robin learn?
  2. Why were they important?
  3. What do you think of David?
  4. What made David happy?
  5. What would have happened if Robin had not followed the rules when he played with the others?
Remember - rules keep us safe and happy!smiley

Tuesday 2nd June - Topic

Your new topic this half term is called 'Buckets and Spades'. We'll be learning about the seaside - today but also in the past. Start by thinking about what you already know about the seaside. Have you been to the seaside? What did you see and do? What would you like to find out about seaside holidays in the past? View the PowerPoint and knowledge organiser to help, then complete the topic sheet. You can copy the question headings into your book and leave space to complete the 'What have I learnt?' section at the end of the topic. Aim for at least 4 sentences/questions in each section. 

Wednesday 3rd June - Science

(New topic - Materials)

See if you can find something at home made from the following materials:

Wood, plastic, metal, fabric, stone. How do they feel? Can you describe them?

Remember, you are describing the material, not what the object does. For example, is it hard, soft, bendy, cold, smooth? View the PowerPoint and knowledge organiser, then watch this clip:

Think about what you already know about materials and what you would like to find out. Like yesterday, complete the topic cover sheet by writing the headings and your answers underneath. Leave space for the 'What have I learnt?' section, to complete at the end of the topic. 

Thursday 4th June - R.E.

L.O.: To understand God's rules for people

God has rules to help us live well with ourselves and others. Read the scripture below and think about the following questions:

  1. Which words do you like best and why?
  2. Which things are hardest and why?
  3. What does St Paul say is important?
  4. How do you think you feel when you are at peace and when the love of Jesus fills your mind?

You can be one of God's saints by doing good deeds. Create a poster by drawing and labelling pictures to show the things that a kind, loving, forgiving and patient person might do. Give it the title: 'You are God's people, his saints.'

5.6.20 - Art

The artwork this half term will be linked to our new topic - 'Buckets and Spades' (The Seaside). This week, have a go at drawing a sandcastle. Use the sheet below and draw it slowly and carefully, step by step. Top tip- only press on very, very lightly when drawing your lines. Then you can easily rub out any mistakes or lines you don't need on your finished drawing.

Ext: If you want to, google some images of sandcastles to get some ideas about how we can decorate them - flags, shells etc. Then have fun drawing some on and colouring your decorations!

Photos - If you would like to email a photo of your finished sandcastle to the office, I will add it to our class page to share our work. smiley