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'With Jesus, we learn as a joyful family and flourish to be the best that we can be'

Other Subjects

Monday- Science/Computing

LO: To compare and describe materials.

LO: To use a computer program for a purpose.


I have set you two 2Do's on PurpleMash challenging you to choose an object and describe which material it is made from. Please complete at least one of these.


Next, write sentences that describe the strength (strong/weak) and explain the uses of materials below (what can they be used for?):


Wood is strong and can be used to build tables and chairs.







Tuesday- RE

LO: To understand that Jesus helps us when we make wrong choices.


Look at the story of Levi below and think about how he felt when Jesus included him in his celebration.

Write a sorry prayer or letter from Levi to Jesus. Think about what Levi would say to Jesus and how he would show that he was sorry for being unkind and dishonest.

Wednesday- History

L.O: To compare similiarities and differences between the past and present.


We are looking at seasides in the past. Watch 'Magic Grandad- The promenade'  and 'The beach' on YouTube.

Talk to your grown up about the different things you see.

What things do you notice are different from today and which things are still the same?


Next, divide your page in to thirds and use the headings 'then', 'same' and 'now'. 

In each box, draw and label  things you saw in the videos. In the 'then' box, record things that are different (such as the bathing machines and a hokey pokey). In the 'now' box draw and label things we have/do nowadays that they didn't have/do 100 years ago (for example, sun cream and inflatables). In the 'same' box, draw and label things that have stayed the same (such as donkey rides and paddling).



Record the headings 'then', 'now' and 'same'.

Under each heading, write 3 or 4 sentences to explain similarities and differences in more detail (for example, explain what the bathing machines were used for).




Thursday - Art

To link in with our history work on seasides, we are going to draw a black and white picture of a Victorian seaside scene. We are going to use shading techniques to help create our picture.

Watch the YouTube video on shading and have a practise with your pencil, pressing on lightly at first then gradually press harder and harder.

Now have a look at the black and white photographs of seaside scenes in Victorian times to give you some ideas. Choose one of the photographs to copy or draw one of your own. Then use the shading techniques you have practised to "colour in" your drawing.

(Remember it has to be black and white- so no colours!)

Friday- RE

LO: To recognise how God helps us to be kind.


Look at the story from 'Isaiah 58: 9-11' below and think about good choices that make other people and ourselves happy (being kind, being helpful, being honest).

Record words around the candle template that show how you can be kind and ‘be a light that shines in the dark’.