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Monday 8th June- Science

Watch the powerpoint on different types of materials. Talk with your grown up as you watch it.

Monday 8th June

L.O: To group and describe materials.

Have a look around your house and see what you can find that is made of wood, metal, plastic etc. Use the worksheet below to draw and label the things you have found. If you haven't got a printer, divide your page into six boxes and put the headings. 

For each object, think about how it feels (it's texture). Look at the vocabulary box on the second page of the worksheet and find the words to describe how each material feels. Add these describing words to the boxes on your worksheet. You could use a different colour for your describing words but keep it neat!


Can you find any objects that can go in more than one box? Why can they go in different boxes? Write 2 or 3 sentences to explain why.

Tuesday 9th June -RE

We are carrying on our topic on being sorry. Watch the powerpoint on Zacchaeus, then answer these questions with your grown up:-

  • What wrong choices did Zacchaeus make?
  • Why do you think he wanted to see Jesus?
  • How did Zacchaeus feel when Jesus told him that he was coming to his house?
  • What did the people who grumbled think? Why?
  • How did Zacchaeus show he was really sorry for his wrong choices?
  • Why was it a happy day for Zacchaeus?

Tuesday 9th June

L.O: To know that Jesus forgives us when we make wrong choices.

Draw a picture of Zacchaeus up in the tree and Jesus below asking him to come down. Then write the story in your own words. Remember to say- What wrong choices Zacchaeus made, why Jesus went to his house and how Zacchaeus showed that he was sorry.



Wednesday 10th June- History

We are looking at seasides in the past. Watch 'Magic Grandad- The promenade'  and 'The beach' on YouTube.

Talk to your grown up about the different things you see.What things do you notice are different from today and which things are still the same?


Wednesday 10th June

L.O: To compare similiarities and differences between the past and present.

Either use the worksheet attached or divide your page in to thirds and use the headings 'then', 'same' and 'now'. 

In each box, draw and label  things you saw in the videos. In the 'then' box, record things that are different- such as the bathing machines and a hokey pokey. In the 'now' box draw and label things we have/do nowadays that they didn't have/do a 100 years ago. For example- suncream and inflatables. In the middle box- 'same' draw and label things that have stayed the same, such as donkey rides and paddling.


Put the headings 'then', 'now' and 'same'.

Under each heading, write 3 or 4 sentences to explain in more detail, for example explain what the bathing machines were used for.





Thursday 11th June- Art

To link in with our history work on seasides, we are going to draw a black and white picture of a Victorian seaside scene. We are going to use shading techniques to help create our picture.

Watch the YouTube video on shading and have a practise with your pencil, pressing on lightly at first then gradually press harder and harder.

Now have a look at the black and white photographs of seaside scenes in Victorian times to give you some ideas. Choose one of the photographs to copy or draw one of your own. Then use the shading techniques you have practised to "colour in" your drawing.

(Remember it has to be black and white- so no colours!)

Friday 12th June- RE

LO: To recognise how God helps us to be kind.


Look at the story from 'Isaiah 58: 9-11' below and think about good choices that make other people and ourselves happy (being kind, being helpful, being honest).

Record words around the candle template that show how you can be kind and ‘be a light that shines in the dark’.