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Monday 15th June - R.E.

L.O.: To describe some parts of the Sacrament of Reconciliation

At the end of the day, it's a good idea to thank God for all the good things that have happened and to remember times when you have not been very kind. The Sacrament of Reconciliation helps Catholics to ask for God's forgiveness. You think about your sins, ask God to forgive you and tell the priest (who doesn't tell anyone else). The priest tells you that your sins are forgiven in Jesus' name and asks you to make up for them by being kind or saying a prayer.

Copy and complete the 3 steps to reconciliation below and illustrate your work. There are examples in red. You could complete a couple of these. 


I have upset or hurt…  Mary

because I… took her doll


I am sorry, I say sorry, I am forgiven.


I can make up by…  sharing my toys

I will try not to do it again.



Tuesday 16th June- History

L.O: To find out about seasides now and in the past

This week we are looking at entertainment and food at the seaside.Watch the PowerPoint about what people liked to do and eat at the seaside, now and then. Talk to your grown up about what you can see in each picture. What things are the same and what things are different? Why do you think somethings might be the same/ different?

Complete the worksheet or divide your page into 4 boxes and use the same headings. Draw and write in each box things you have learnt from the PowerPoint. For example, you could draw a Punch and Judy show in the entertainment - then box.


Think about how and why things have changed. Put the heading now and write about some things we do now at the seaside that they didn't do in Victorian times. For example  " Nowadays, we sunbathe at the seaside because........"

Then put the heading then and explain about something different from seasides in the past. For example:- " In Victorian times, people at the seaside often wore their normal clothes and kept their bodies covered up because......"


Wednesday 17th June- Science

L.O: To understand the difference between natural and man-made materials

This week, we are thinking about natural and man-made materials. Watch the PowerPoint and talk to your grown up. Make sure you understand what natural and man-made mean. (Natural means it's found in nature and man-made means it is made by people in a factory.)

Complete the cut and stick worksheet on natural and man-made materials. If you don't have a printer,  divide your page in half and use the headings. Draw and label the materials on the correct side.


Have a look around your house. What objects can you find that are made from natural materials? Which objects are made from man-made materials? Draw and label these on your worksheet or put them on a clean page with the correct headings.

Challenge: Are there more natural or man-made materials in your house? Why do you think that is? Which material is there most of in your house? Why? Write your answers in your book.

Thursday 18th June - R.E.

L.O.: To know Jesus' rule

Jesus has one rule, love God and one another.  In John’s gospel Jesus says, My commandment is this; love one another, just as I love you.”  Based on John 15: 12. Listen to the following song then create a poster to show the meaning of the song, including important phrases and pictures.


Friday 19th June- Art

To continue our seaside theme, this week I want you to draw and colour a seaside picture of nowadays. Google some pictures, if that helps give you some ideas. Use the shading techniques that you learnt last week, only this time it will be with colour pencils. (Try not to use felt tips, as you can't shade with these.) You can compare your nowadays colourful picture with the black and white one you did last week. Please send your finished seaside picture to the office and we will put it on our web page. I can't wait to see your colourful creations!