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Monday 4th May- RE

Look at the picture to remind you about last weeks work on Pentecost Day. 

talk to your grown up and answer these questions.

  • What are the people in picture doing?
  • What is the good news they are hearing?
  • How do you feel if you have good news to tell or receive? (show this by facial expressions)
  • What do you do if you have good news? 

 Monday 4th May

L.O: To understand the importance of the Holy Spirit. 

Then either print and cut out the picture of the flame (this is one of the symbols of The Holy Spirit) and stick it in your book or draw a flame in your book. Colour the flame in and write underneath something you have learned about The Holy Spirit.










Tuesday 5th May- Science

Think back to our work on habitats. This week you are going to choose one animal and fill in a fact file about your animal.

Tuesday 5th May

L.O:To investigate an animal and its habitat.


You will need to research your animal on the internet- find out

  • where your animal lives
  • what it eats  
  • at least one interesting fact
  • if it is a mammal, reptile etc (2 and 3 star)
  • how it has adapted to its environment (3 star)

Don't forget to draw a picture of your animal.

If you have not got a printer, just draw and write about your animal.






Wednesday 6th May- RE

Pentecost- The birthday of the church.

Jesus had returned to God, his Father. The Holy Spirit came down and helped the friends of Jesus to pass the message on to others so that they might become his friends too.  This marked the beginning of the Christian Church, its birth.  Pentecost is a holy day on which many parish families celebrate with a party.  On the holy day of Pentecost, the priest wears red vestments at Mass like the colour of fire.

Look at the picture and talk about the questions with your grown up.


  • Who is in the picture?
  • What do you think the people in the picture are celebrating?
  • What does a birthday celebrate?
  • Why is Pentecost a holy day?


Activity- Make a birthday card for the Church. Remember Pentecost marks the birth of the Christian Church. You may want to decorate it with some symbols of Pentecost- flames or a dove. You can use other religious symbols too. 

Thursday 7th May- History (VE Day)

Tomorrow is a bank holiday and VE Day. It will be 75 years since World War 2 ended in Europe. There is a powerpoint to watch and then some activities for you to try. It's up to you which ones you do.

I am going to try out the cheese and potato dumplings recipe on my boys-it sounds yummy!!

I so wish we were in school properly for VE Day. As you know, I LOVE history and would have loved to teach you all about VE Day Finch Class! Have a lovely bank holiday tomorrow.smiley