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Monday 13th July - RE

L.O.: To understand the importance of caring for God's world and to be thankful

Think about all the precious things we have around us. View the PowerPoint called Zimi's story, which explains how water is one of her precious treasures. This is something we may take for granted. Think about how lucky we are for the things we have, then view the second PowerPoint. Complete the drawing task suggested within the PowerPoint - a view of the treasures through your window. Finish by by making a list of at least 5 things that you will try hard to do from now on to look after God's world and all the treasures in it. Call it 'My promises to care for God's world.' You could even draw a large outline of a tree and write a promise inside each leaf. Or an outline of a flower, with a promise on each petal. 

Tuesday 14th July - Science

L.O: To revise our knowledge of materials

Watch the PowerPoint quiz and talk to your grown up about all the things you have learnt about materials. Complete the end of topic questions about materials. 

Finally, if you look back to the beginning of your science work on materials (3/6/20) we did our work on 'What we already know' and 'What we want to find out'. We left space for 'What I have learnt'. (Don't worry if you didn't, just put it at the end of today's work). For 'What I have learnt', write about 5 or 6 sentences to explain all the things you have learnt about materials, that you didn't know before.

Wednesday 15th July -  History

L.O: To record similarities and differences about the seaside now and in the past

Talk to your grown up about all the things you have learnt about seasides in the past.Then complete the Venn diagram on seasides now and then, by drawing and labelling pictures. Remember, things that are old AND new go in the overlapping section of circles. 

Finally, just as with the science yesterday, complete the 'What I have learnt' section from the beginning of the topic (or write it underneath today's work.) Write 5 or 6 sentences about what you learnt about seasides now and then.

(School closes on Thursday 16th July at 1.15pm)


Have a go at the end of year activity below to summarise your time in Year 2. You could send us a photo of your work so that we can share our memories. smiley