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Other Subjects

11.5.20 and 12.5.20 - D.T.

L.O.: To design, make and evaluate an animal puppet

Day 1: Draw and label a design for an animal puppet. Include the materials that you think you would need. You can choose any animal and any type of puppet. For example, a sock puppet or a finger puppet. It may be easier to look for materials at home first, then base your design on these.

Day 2: If possible, make your puppet. I would love to see your photos! Then have a go at evaluating your work, using the headings on the worksheet below. Include a picture of the final design. If you can't make your puppet, don't worry. Hopefully we will be back at school soon and can try then. Instead, create another design and/or write instructions for how to make it. 

Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th May - RE

To finish off our RE unit from the last few weeks, I have attached some documents below to help you summarise your learning and complete a collective worship, just like we do at school. Think back to all the RE activities you have completed since Easter and use the suggestions on the leaflet to remember your learning (see first leaflet task - recording what you think is important), rejoice and celebrate (your collective worship) and renew and apply your learning (final leaflet task - bookmark design). The leaflet tasks can be completed in your book. I have given you two afternoons to complete this. You could complete the first leaflet task and plan your collective worship on day 1, then deliver your collective worship and complete the final leaflet task (bookmark design) on day 2. 

Friday 15th May - PE

Make sure you find a safe space to try this fun Friday PE session! Choose some of the links on the documents below and complete some of the activities. You can use these documents as often as you like to complete regular PE activities on any day of the week.