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Other Subjects

Monday (RE)

LO: To recognise Muhammad as the founder of Islam.

This week in RE, we will be learning about Islam. Please look at the video clips and Powerpoint below to learn more about Muhammad.

When you have done this, record at least 4 sentences in your book about what you have learnt so far about Muhammad and Islam.


Challenge: Make a profile of Muhammad. Draw a crescent moon in the centre of the paper to represent Muhammad. Around the edge, record the qualities of Muhammad that you have learnt about him (e.g. kind, helpful).

Tuesday (Computing)

LO: To use computer coding for a purpose.

I have loved seeing your work on PurpleMash. You have all been doing so well and working so hard!

I have set you all two more coding 2Do's for you to choose from (Jumping Monkey and Snail Race). Have fun! smiley



Wednesday (PE)

LO: To move with skill.

Find a safe space to work and choose one of the workout videos to complete. Have fun, but please be careful!

Thursday (Art and Design)

LO: To explore tone and shade.

Look at the 'Tone' PopwerPoint below and explore different ways to shade in your book (cross-hatching, stippling, blending).

Move on to complete the '3D Shade Toning Activity Sheet'.


Friday (RE)

LO: To recognise Muhammad as the founder of Islam.

Look at 'The Crying Camel' PowerPoint below and think about how kind Muhammad was to the animal.

Next, draw a palm tree in your book (linking back to the story about the dates on Monday), and record 5 ways that you can try to be kind to living things like Muhammad.