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Other Subjects

Monday 18th May- Science

L.O: To recognise that minibeasts live in different micro habitats

Watch the PowerPoint on minibeasts and their habitats and the complete the worksheet (3 star) matching minibeasts to their habitats. Tell your grown up why the minibeast likes that micro habitat. 

Ext: Choose 4 minibeasts and write a sentence for each one, explaining why they live in that micro habitat. For example:- A caterpillar likes to live on leaves because......

Minibeast Hunt

You could also look for minibeasts in your garden/back yard or when you go out for your daily exercise.

Tuesday 19th May-  Art/D.T

Have a look at the Twinkl pack on minibeast crafts. Have a go at making one of the minibeasts or paint/draw a picture of your favourite minibeast. You could even send a photo for us all to see!

Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st May - R.E.

If we were in school, it would be Islam Week. Use the information below to learn about this religion, then choose how you would like to show your learning. You could create an information poster or a leaflet. Or you could complete a couple of smaller activities, such as designing a prayer mat or writing an acrostic poem. I'm sure you will have lots of other ideas. I've given you a couple of afternoons for this work.

Friday 22nd May - P.E.

Find a safe space for your fun Friday P.E. session! Choose some of the activities below: