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Monday 18th May- RE

This week would have been Islam week in school.In Finch Class we are focusing on the Prophet Muhammad and how Muslims pray.

Watch the videos and powerpoints below to learn more. You can choose which task to do to show what you have learnt.

Monday 18th May

L.O: To recognise the importance of Muhammad in Islam.

Write about who Muhammad is and why Allah (the Muslim God) chose him to be his prophet (messenger.)

You could draw a picture of Muhammad sat in the cave thinking.



Monday 18th May

L.O: To recognise how Muslims pray.

Draw pictures and write about how Muslims pray to their God Allah. Don't forget to mention things like- how you are called to prayer (by a special chant), how it is important to wash before you pray, take your shoes off, you must pray on a special carpet called a prayer mat and how males have to lead the prayers.

Tuesday 19th May- Science

To finish off our topic on 'animals and their habitats' watch the powerpoint below on endangered animals. Talk to your grown up about what is happening to these animals and what can be done to help them. 

Then you can make a poster to help save one (or more of the animals). You can use pictures, bubble writing and bright colours on your poster. If you want to take a photo of your poster and send it to the office, I will put it on the class page.    

Wednesday 20th May- Art

Choose your favourite animal from our work on habitats. Find a picture of it on the internet or in a book.

Have a go at sketching your animal. Look closely at the detail. Does your animal have markings (patterns/marks) on its fur. Does it have whiskers? Has it got large or small eyes? What do its feet/claws look like? 

I have included a drawing guide below to get you started/ give you some ideas.Send me your finished drawings and we can make 'an animal gallery'. Write your name on the front of the picture, so we can see on the class page who the artist is! Don't forget to put Finch Class on the email, so that the office staff know to forward them to me.

Thursday 21st May- RE

Watch the powerpoint on Muhammad. Talk to your grown up about him. What does the powerpoint tell us about Muhammad? 

Thursday 21st May

L.O: To know that Muhammad preached kindness.

Make a profile of Muhammad, draw a crescent Moon in the centre of the paper to represent Muhammad and round the edge write down the qualities of Muhammad that you have learnt from the stories about him.

Friday 22nd May - PE