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Purple Mash

I have set a to-do on Purple Mash called 'Fish'. This a coding program and you need to set instructions (using blocks of code) to get the fish to move. There is a tutorial that you can watch to help you. Have a go and see how you get on!

I have also set the first chapter of a reading book called "Max and the Pirates of Puddleton Bay." If you read the first chapter (there are only 2 chapters) then there is a little quiz of 3 questions. I will set the last chapter later in the week and then we will have a look at a new reading book next week. smiley

Reading Book

****Apologies my laptop must have frozen when I set the first chapter, as there are actually 5 chapters not 2! It wouldn't scroll any further and was only showing 2 chapters the other day! I will set chapter 2 on Wednesday, chapter 3 on Friday and then the other 2 chapters next week. ****

Monday 20th April- Science

Our new topic is 'Living things and their habitats'.

Watch the powerpoint below on living things.

We are now going to think about whether things are living, dead (they used to be alive but not anymore) or they have never been alive. Look around your house and find some objects. Talk to your grown up about them. Are they living (e.g you, your dog), dead (e.g a wooden table) or never been alive (e.g a fork)?


Monday 20th April

L.O: To know that things are either living, dead or have never been alive.

Draw these items on the worksheet below. Ignore the part that says group names.

If you don't have a printer, just draw yourself 3 boxes in your exercise book and then write your reasons underneath.

Tuesday 21st April- R.E


Our new topic in RE is 'Holidays and Holydays'.

Look at the pictures of holidays and talk to your grown up about a time when you have been on holiday (this can mean staying at home too.) Our focus today is thinking about how holidays are different from normal/ ordinary days. 

SOME KEY QUESTIONS (Tell your grown up)

  1. Why are holidays different from ordinary days?
  2. What do you like to do in the holidays?
  3. Do you stay at home, visit relations or go away?
  4. Who goes with you?
  5. What do you take?
  6. If you have to travel, what means of travel do you use?
  7. What do you like to do on holiday?
  8. What makes it a happy time?

Tuesday 21st April

L.O: To understand that holidays are different from ordinary days.

Draw a line down the middle of your page in your exercise book. Put the heading 'ordinary days'  on one side and the heading 'holidays'  on the other side. Draw some pictures and write some sentences about things you do on ordinary days and things you do on holiday. 

There is a song you can listen to about holidays and holydays along with the words.

Follow Me - Holy Days and Holidays (1).mp3

Wednesday 22nd April- Art

Choose a view (through a window, inside the house or in the garden) and draw what you can see! Use the top tips below to help you!


Please see note above about reading task on Purple Mash.



Thursday 23rd April- Science


Thursday 23rd April

L.O: To understand that animals live in different habitats.

Watch the powerpoint on animals and their habitats.

Talk to your grown up about why the animals are suited to their habitat.

Choose one of the animals from the powerpoint. Draw a picture of it in your exercise book and then draw its habitat. Next, write some sentences about why it is a good habitat for your animal. Think about things like food, camouflage, water and safety.


Friday 24th April- RE

We are thinking about holidays and holy days, leading up to holy day of Pentecost. Talk about these questions with your grown up.

  • Which holy days can you think of? (Christmas Day, Ash Wednesday, Psalm Sunday, Easter Sunday, All Saints Day etc)
  • What happens on those days?
  • Which of them were also holidays?
  • How did you celebrate them?

Friday 24th April

L.O: To know that holy days are special

Choose one of the holy days you have talked about with your grown up. Draw a picture and write about how you celebrate it.