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Physical Education

A group of Lancashire teachers have created a physical activity timetable for you.


The four things they want you to do with P.E. are 

MOVE - try to do exercise for at least 60 minutes

LEARN - learn a skill or develop a sport from the Key Stage 2 learning tasks

CHALLENGE - a personal best challenge for you to try

PLAY - ideas for you to try to be active through playing


The website that you see below will constantly be updated with new ideas.  Each week, this website will have updated links, games, PE tasks and challenges.


Any videos or photos that are posted on social media will go into a weekly prize draw.  This is for children only!  


Please use #LancsGames20 and share on the following channels:


Twitter - @LancSchoolGames

Facebook - @LancSchoolGames

Instagram - @lancashireschoolgames

South Ribble Coaching PE Timetable


A message from the South Ribble Coaches:

Here is your week 3 Home Learning Resources.  This week, we've got some new skill videos of Born to Move, Gymnastics, Yoga and Orienteering.  We hop you like them!

We've had an increasing number of people viewing our social media posts on Facebook and Twitter which is fantastic.  Our Tri Golf weekly challenge is out today, so if we could get some videos of children from our schools doing our challenges, this would be amazing.  Medals and certificates will be given to all video participants.  This can simply be posted on our Facebook page or tag us in the post on Twitter.

Social Media

Twitter - @southribbleSGO

Facebook - @Sthribblessp

Cycling Routes from Bikeability

Cycling Routes from Bikeability 1
Cycling Routes from Bikeability 2