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Thursday 24th June & Friday 25th June

LO:  to make links to show how feelings and beliefs about care for the earth affect their own behaviour and that of others.

LO: to show how their own decisions about how they care for the earth are informed by beliefs and values.




care, world, Earth, sustainable, stewards, stewardship


LEARNING INTENTION:Transforming energy.


Starter activity: write down:

1.  A person/people on earth they care about.

2.  A place on earth they care about.

3.  Something on the earth they care about.


What is the distinction between natural and man- made places on earth?


What do you really care about? Either an object or something you really care about. We all care for things in this world. When we care for something, we have some responsibility for it, and we are stewards of it. What do you think the word ‘steward’ means?


There are stewards at football matches, concerts or even at church. When we look after something, this is called stewardship. Often, the word stewardship is used to refer to a responsibility to take care of something that is owned by someone else.




  1. How do you treat something you care for?
  2. How would you feel if someone mistreated what you care for?
  3. Can you think of any other words that have similar meaning to stewardship? (e.g. respect, love, care, honour, nurture, protect)
  4. What do you think sustainability means in connection with the earth?

In simple terms, sustainability means taking into account the impact that our choices will have on other people, future generations and on the earth that nourishes us.




  • Investigate a current environmental issue, e.g. river pollution/deforestation. Research this making links to show how your feelings and experiences around caring for the earth affect what you think and do in your everyday life. Choose a way to present the findings. You can create a poster, a powerpoint, a report. It is entirely up to you.


Thursday 1st July

LO: to give reasons why Christians are concerned about the stewardship of creation.

LO:  to make links between scripture and the belief of caring for creation.

LEARNING FOCUS 1: The wonders of God’s creation.




Look at the Wonders of Creation PowerPoint (attached below) while reading Genesis 1: 1-25. God’s Story 3 page 8 In the Beginning and read through the slides for each verse.

Read the paragraph about the writer of Genesis from God’s Story 3 page 7. The book of Genesis is not meant to be a scientific account of how the world began. It is a beautiful poem which tells us the truth about the goodness and creative power of God. It also helps us to understand the harmony and interrelatedness of all creation. This is called the integrity of creation.


People of every time, in every place, have been struck by the beauty of the world and wondered about its beginnings.


How did the world begin? Scientists are always searching to discover more about how the world began. Some spend their whole lives researching and share their results in books, on television and on the internet. They are always discovering more about our beginnings and the beginnings of the world.




  1. What does the text from Genesis tell you about the writer?
  2. What questions do you think the writer asked about the world?
  3. What did the writer want people to know about God?
  4. How do you think the many parts of God’s world are in harmony with each other?
  5. What do you think is meant by the integrity of creation? Q  What are some of the ways people can look at the world today that the author of Genesis could not and what do you think this means for us? (e.g. space, knowing the diversity of the world, volcanoes, icebergs, rainforests, deserts.)


St Francis (1181-1226) cared greatly about God’s creation and God’s people. Read through and reflect on his Canticle of the Sun (uploaded powerpoint).



  • Write a prayer or poem of your own starting each line with ‘We praise you Lord …’ making links between the Genesis story and belief in God as Creator of all. Illustrate the prayers/poems or publish using IT using appropriate fonts and inserting pictures to show aspects of nature. I can’t wait to see them!